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Easy BP



100% Made in Italy ready in stock parquet.

Engineered two layer OAK maxi-board

Liquid resistance test 5/5, no visible change (no damage) for the following materials even after 24 hours: coffee, acetone, ammonia, olive oil, ethanol 48%, ethyl/butyl 1:1 and NaCl.

Thickness: 15 mm. with support in phenolic Birch plywood
Top layer: 4 mm. thick
Fixed width: 192 mm.
Length: from 1175 up to 2350 mm.
Grade: free (△☐)
Crafting: brushed
Finish: available in 6 U.V.* colours

*The cycle chosen, water based and UV drying, guarantees a maximum resistance to use (Taber Test Renner). A floor suitable for any kind of setting.


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